Must Have Apple Watch apps for Students in 2022

Whether you’re in high school or college, tools that can help you succeed as a student are plentiful. So if you own an Apple Watch, why not put some of those tools right on your wrist for quick and easy access? In this article, we present the most interesting and useful applications for Apple Watch that will help in studies.

To perform some daily activities, you often need a smartphone or a separate electronic device. Apple Watch saves the owner from the need to buy a lot of devices. Moreover, the owner of the gadget will not need to take out the iPhone or iPad unnecessarily, which is especially important for athletes, businessmen, travelers, or as in our case – students, whose life is full of a variety of events. So, in this article, we will present 10 of the best applications that will be useful for a student in everyday life.

Here are some of the best Apple Watch apps for students.

PCalc: A calculator for everyone

PCalc Lite is a handy calculator that helps you make household, scientific, and engineering calculations on the fly. The utility works with several number systems. It is a lightweight application with a simple design and a wide range of features. Such an app will be useful for school and college students and even for parents when checking their children’s homework. It is free in its simplest version, and to perform more complex calculations you will have to pay to start at $0.99.

Evernote app

The most powerful note-taking app fits perfectly into the new platform. You can quickly scroll through recent notes, create and record a new one, or search for any note using voice search. It’s great to use when you have an idea that’s easier to spell than to write, and you don’t have your smartphone handy – it helps speed up note-taking: after all, we usually talk faster than we write, and if anything, the note can always be edited from another device. Sometimes good thoughts come to your mind and you need to write them down urgently.

Timer app

The Apple Watch has a built-in Timer app. It’s incredibly handy when you’re working to a tight deadline, or want to schedule breaks. You can run the app manually or simply ask Siri to set the timer. The Timer app is especially useful if you want to learn using the Pomodoro focus approach. Try it with Timer, make it more productive than ever. It is worth saying that the application will be useful not only for increasing the productivity of studies but also in sports.


A good night’s sleep for a student as important as studying. Everyone knows how a lack of sleep affects productivity, which is so necessary during exams and stressful studies. Since your watch is something you always wear, a sleep tracking app like Sleep is a great way to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Sleep uses the motion-tracking and health features of the Apple Watch to give you an idea of your night’s sleep. It shows how long you’ve been sleeping peacefully if you’ve been experiencing restless sleep and periods when you’ve been awake. Overall, it will give you an idea of your sleep hygiene and what you can do to get a better night’s sleep.

MyHomework Student Planner

MyHomework Student Planner is one of those self-titled applications. It is a simple and easy-to-use homework planning tool. The interface allows you to enter homework and then filter by class and priority. If you manipulate multiple classes, it ensures that all of your assignments are on the same page.

The Apple Watch app allows you to keep track of all your entered homework assignments. It will also give you reminders that you are working on the track. The app is great for both schoolchildren and students.

Silo app

Speaking of Pomodoro, the Silo app takes a concept and simply works with it. Silo is a way to bring Pomodoro to the Apple Watch. As a student, you can just focus on the Silo. It will use haptics to nudge you every 25 minutes for a five-minute break.

It will take you through four such cycles. During the focus period, Silo turns off the sound of incoming distractions. This ensures that you are focused on your assignment or coursework. In addition, the app is designed to increase your productivity and overcome laziness and procrastination.

Omnifocus app

Omnifocus is described as a "personal task manager." This makes sense to us and defines how it goes beyond the standard calendar app. It’s a cross-platform tool for iOS and Mac. You can use it to plan your day, but it also has more advanced features, like tagging people, to help effectively turn your activities into scheduled projects.

The Apple Watch app allows you to view all of your Omnifocus schedules. It also lets you get action reminders right from your wrist. The application will be useful not only for students but also for people who want to organize their workflow and routine in general.

iTranslate Converse app

A powerful app for translating spoken or typed speech into 38 different languages.

Choose the one you want, tap the button on the clock and speak. And then you get the result. Recognition is at a high level. There is an offline mode, which does not require an Internet connection. All the necessary information is downloaded to the iPhone.

However, keep in mind: the first week of use is free, and then the subscription fee is charged. The app will be a great assistant when learning foreign languages, so students often use it when doing homework or when they need a quick translation.

CoinKeeper: expense accounting

Any student knows how important keeping track of your budget is. Young people are more prone to impulse purchases than anyone else, and this is often the reason for missing dinner. Keeping a budget is never easy and takes a long time. That is why CoinKeeper is an indispensable assistant in this issue. This application will help you manage your budget at home: control, plan, cut or increase spending, manage your income correctly, keep statistics, and do not forget about debts. The utility works with all currencies of the world. It is free to install, but there is also a premium subscription.

Overcast app

Many people find it convenient to use podcasts while performing other tasks – it saves time and helps pump not only muscles in the gym, for example, but also the brain. In addition, some people perceive information by ear better than by reading. Students often use podcasts to listen to lectures and other speech content, so this app can be indispensable. 

Apple hasn’t adapted its Podcasts for its smartwatches, but the Overcast app can easily replace it. The app knows how to play podcasts directly on the Apple Watch, control playback on the iPhone, and has "smart playback speed" and "voice volume up" features that are not available in classic Podcasts. It is worth noting that the app is available in a free version.

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