11 Amazing iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island Tips and Tricks

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The new Dynamic Island is arguably one of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max most interesting features, so with the new iPhones now in the hands of customers, we thought we’d take a deeper look at some of the best Dynamic Island tips and tricks.

Best iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island mtips and tricks

1. It shows when your iPhone 14 Pro is locked or unlocked

By expanding slightly and showing a simple lock/unlock animation, the Dynamic Island lets you know that your phone has unlocked.

2. It displays the charging status of your iPhone

When you plug your iPhone in to charge, the Dynamic Island expands to offer a subtle notification that you’re charging your phone and shows your battery level.

3. You can control phone calls

You’ll get a typical notification on the Dynamic Island when you’re receiving a call, which lets you hang up or pick up. The Dynamic Island makes it easier to disconnect a call after you’re done, as you simply need to tap the Island and tap the hang-up button without switching away from an app you’re using. In the past, you had to tap the phone call alert on the top left of the screen to return to the phone call screen to hang up.

4. It shows you when you connect to AirPods

The connected AirPods notification is moving to the Dynamic Island, which has become a central hub for alerts and notifications rather than freestanding notifications that appeared in different places in iOS. Tapping on the Dynamic Island shows you which pair of AirPods are connected, as well as the battery percentage.

5. It can display music you’re listening to and media controls

Album art displays on the Dynamic Island while you’re playing music, and you can tap on the Dynamic Island to bring up music controls, like play/pause/previous/next. It also includes the option for enabling AirPlay.

It means you don’t need to reopen your music streaming app, or swipe from the top-right of the screen to open the control center, for basic audio controls. And if you use a widget for music controls now, the Dynamic Island lets you reclaim that screen space.

6. You can get travel alerts

Useful, dynamic info and updates from apps can be shown on the Dynamic Island instead of a notification that leads you to the app itself. Tapping on the Dynamic Island for travel information expands the notification to show you the flight number, whether the flight is on time, and how many bags the traveler has checked in.

7. It can give you turn-by-turn directions

To further centralize where you’ll find useful information, you’ll get an alert for an upcoming driving direction step from the Dynamic Island when the Maps app is in the background. The alert will expand when it comes time to take the next step, which helps catch your attention.

8. It shows you AirDrop notifications and status

The new AirDrop notification on the Dynamic Island shows you the progress of the download or upload. You can tap the Dynamic Island to get a bigger and clearer view of the AirDrop’s progress.

9. It shows the status of ride share services like Lyft

The Dynamic Island will persistently show you how many minutes your ride share car will take to get to you. You can tap on the Island to get more information, like the name and photo of the driver, the driver rating, make of the car, and the license plate information.

10. It shows when FaceID is being used

The FaceID animation expands from the Dynamic Island in a move that further consolidates alerts and notifications to the top of the iPhone.

11. It can show you multiple shortcuts for things you’re doing on your iPhone

The Dynamic Island can show you what’s running in the background, and you can tap on the relevant icons as a shortcut that brings you straight to the relevant app.

For example, the Island will show a timer icon when you have a timer going alongside playing music. Tapping on either icon will bring you to their apps.

Your favorite iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Dynamic Island tips and tricks

So these were some of the best iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Dynamic Island tips and tricks you would love to try today. My favorite Dynamic Island tips and tricks include the ability to check ongoing activities such as directions in the Maps app and music that is playing. There’s surely plenty more hidden Dynamic Island tips and tricks to discover, so I’ll keep tapping, swiping and noting anything I find. Did we miss out on something important that needs to be added to the list? Which are your favorite iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island tips and tricks? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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